Eco Scattering Urns
Eco Scattering Urns
Eco Scattering Urns
Eco Scattering Urns
Eco Scattering Urns

Eco Scattering Urns

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The patented Eco Scattering Urn is one of our most popular urns!  We designed it to not only be beautiful and dignified, but also highly functional and easy-to-use. Each hand-made Eco Scattering Urn is rubbed with a natural oil to accentuate the grains and colors of the bamboo and the lid is secured with a strong, birch wood locking pin.

Eco-Friendly Construction

This innovative scattering urn is made only from bamboo, a material known for its strength, light weight, and stunning appearance. It’s also a sustainable resource and is considered one of the most eco-friendly building materials on the planet! 

Unique Locking Mechanism

This patented urn offers a unique locking mechanism to secure a loved one's cremated remains in the urn while traveling to that special resting place in nature. In addition, for families interested in scattering cremated remains at multiple locations, this special locking feature gives them the ability to scatter, then re-secure remaining cremated remains in the urn to travel to other places to scatter. It's the only urn available that has this!

Cotton Bag / Cotton Sleeve

Every Eco Scattering Urn is wrapped in an attractive decorative paper and placed inside a special hand sewn, 100% natural cotton drawstring bag /sleeve. This strong, lovely bag is very convenient for transport and traveling (and the urn and bag are TSA Compliant!). 


We offer two different sizes to meet your needs.  Each size was designed to fit well in the hand with the appropriate length and balance to make it easy to scatter.  Below find a simplified guide to help you choose the right size:

  • Large220 cu in, 14.4" tall x 4.5" diameter
  • Small: 50 cu in, 9" tall x 2.5" diameter


We understand your situation may be time sensitive.  For this reason, we do our very best to ship your order as soon as possible!

  • Orders without Engravings: Orders received before 2pm MT (4pm ET) will be shipped out the same day.
  • Orders with Engravings: Orders received before 2pm MT (4pm ET) will likely be shipped out the same day (we will try our very best).  However, since custom engraving takes some time, it may ship the next day. 
  • Once shipped, how long until it arrives?: We’re based in Denver and regular shipping takes 2 to 4 days depending on your proximity to us. Of course, we also offer Overnight Express and 2-Day Express shipping options if needed.