Eco Scattering

The patent pending eco scattering™ is the leading new eco-friendly way for families to scatter ashes of a loved one! This all-natural, patent pending scattering urn is made from bamboo, a sustainable resource, and is simple and easy to use.

The unique locking mechanism of eco scattering™ secures a family's loved one's ashes in the urn while traveling to that favorite place without the risk of spilling. In addition, for families who want to scatter at multiple places, or with multiple participants, this special locking feature gives you the ability to scatter, then re-secure the remaining ashes in the urn. The patent pending eco scattering™ is the only scattering urn available with this unique safety feature!

eco scattering™ comes in four sizes, giving families that perfect fit for their loved one. Also, because it's 100% biodegradable, it can be disposed of in nature when you're finished scattering..

How eco scattering™ works...

To load:

  1. Remove wood locking pin, then remove top
  2. Pour in cremated remains
  3. Place top back on and line up locking pin holes in the 'closed' position
  4. Place locking pin back in hole to secure top to base

Then, travel to a favorite place with the cremated remains of your loved one securely placed in the urn without the risk of spilling out.

To scatter:

  1. Remove wood locking pin
  2. Rotate top 180 degrees to the 'open' position 
  3. Re-insert locking pin
  4. Wave urn away from your body to scatter

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