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Grow a living memory tree with the cremated remains of a loved one with The Living Urn, the patented tree burial system.

We are often asked, what is a tree urn? The answer to this common question is a tree urn is a biodegradable urn or bio urn that grows a tree in combination with ashes or cremated remains. The Living Urn is the leading tree urn and the urn itself is made from 100% biodegradable materials that are all natural. Even the packaging of our cremation tree kit is made from bamboo which is a sustainable resource and an excellent choice as an eco friendly building or packaging material. A Living Urn Tree Urn is an option for families that want ashes made into a tree or ashes planted into a tree and an excellent choice for people that want to grow a tree with ashes. The biodegradable urn serves as a special capsule that is compatible with all types of trees, shrubs and other plants and enables the proper growth of a tree or plant when planted with the remains of your loved one or planted with the ashes of your loved one.

We are also often asked the question, can you turn yourself into a tree when you die? Or, how do I turn my ashes into a tree? Today many people are looking for unique and meaningful memorial options and one option families want is an urn that will turn you into a tree after you die or an urn that will convert you into a tree. There are several products available including The Living Urn and other bio urns that have the goal of reintroducing man into the cycle of life by symbolically allowing you to become a tree when you die. Many people are curious about this option for themselves and ask, how do I turn my ashes into a tree? To turn your ashes into a tree or to plant a tree with your ashes simply pace the ashes in a tree pod such as The Living Urn, add the additives and then plant the bio urn combination with the young tree. As a result, the ashes will turn into a tree in a symbolic way. The Living Urn is a biodegradable urn that transforms into a living memorial in the form of a tree. Therefore, The Living Urn Blooming Bio Urn is a funeral urn made from biodegradable materials that will turn you into a tree after you die. Inside the urn there is a pine seed, which can be replaced by any other seed or plant, and will grow to remember your loved one. The Living Urn Bio urn turns death into a transformation and a symbolic return to life through nature. Another question we often receive is, how much does a biodegradable urn cost? The answer to this question is that bio urns range in price from approximately $40 to $165. What is a bio urn? A Bio Urn is simply a biodegradable urn. The Living Urn is a tree urn and The Living Urn is also a bio urn. But not all biourns are considered tree urns for planting cremated ashes. Now that we have cleared that up, we can answer the question more accurately and biodegradable urns can be purchased for as low as $40. These biodegradable urns are usually used to scatter ashes or bury ashes and the living urn has products like this including Eco Scattering Urn for scattering ashes, the Eco Burial Urn for burying cremation ashes and the Eco Water urn for water burials and scattering ashes in water. There are several bio urns that are also tree urns that are generally more expensive and fall into the range of about $100 to $160. The bio urns on the low end of this price spectrum only come with seeds and not living trees. There are many challenges that come with trying to grow a healthy and enduring tree with a seed and that is why they are less expensive. The Living Urn Tree Urn comes with an actual living tree that is 2 to 4 feet in height and comes in a pot with a strong, robust root system. This makes it easy for families to have success and grow a beautiful tree memorial. The Living Urn biodegradable urn cost is $129.00 to $159.00, depending on the type of tree. The Living Urn offers more than 20 beautiful tree options for all different growing regions throughout the U.S. to ensure that families are planting a tree well suited for their area. If a family chooses cremation for a loved one, they often have question, What do you do with cremated ashes? The answer to this question is that there are a number of wonderful things to do with cremated remains and families have many options, including scattering the ashes at a special or meaningful place, burying the ashes under a tree or in a special place, or simply keeping the ashes in an urn at home. An option that is growing in popularity throughout the U.S. and the world is planting the ashes in a tree urn such as the patented Living Urn. The Living Urn is a tree urn that transforms the remains of your lost loved one into a living tree memorial to honor your loved and give back to nature. Many people will plant on their own property or other special place and others may consider a biodegradable urn tree cemetery such as the Memory Forest. Once families learn about The Living Urn, they often ask, How do you plant a tree with cremated ashes? With The Living Urn one plants a tree with cremated remains by first transferring the cremated remains into the bio urn. Next, the bag of the ash agent RootProtect is emptied on top of the remains and the urn is placed in the planting hole in the ground. The young tree is then lowered into the urn and soil is filled into the space around the roots in the urn and the hole in which the urn and tree are in is filled in with soil. Next, press down the earth to ensure a stable footing for your tree or shrub. Apply a thick layer of mulch on the surface surrounding the tree and water the tree very well and on a regular basis. Your tree of life will grow up from the bio urn into a beautiful and majestic living memorial tree. The Living Urn offers a special Bio Urn for People and a different Bio Urn for pets.

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Unlike Evergreens, which we ship year-round, Seasonal trees are shipped in early Spring and again in the Fall and are sent according to your local climate and this year's weather. This is done to be sure your tree is planted at the optimal time. Also, to be sure that your seedling arrives in a strong and healthy condition, we need to ship Seasonals when they are dormant in the Spring and Fall. Send us an email to info@thelivingurn.com or call us at (800) 495-7022 with questions or for more information regarding the delivery date of your tree.